Post Tensioning System

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Post Tension

EURO POSTECH INTERNATIONAL uses International Pre-stressing Anchorage System for post-tensioning works all around the Middle East.Our system comprises of high tensile steel tendons that are placed within specifically profiled ducts in the concrete and is stretched after the concrete has hardened. The Stretched state is maintained by means of any international anchorages at the end of the tendons. After the tensioning is complete, the cast in the tension ducts are filled with grout. The grout filling of ducts transfers the load to the entire concrete element ensuring corrosion protection.Our company provides a full range of tendons complying high standards demanded under relevant BS & ACI Codes and specifications


Post tensioned slab design is widely used in the world, with the main benefits over conventionally reinforced concrete being its ability to span greater distances without resorting to thick slabs and beams (and the consequent loss of head height), and reduce deflection and cracking. There are also some associated labor and time savings.


  • Utilization of 12.7mm diameter Strand (UTS 184KN) or 15.20mm diameter Strand (UTS 250 KN)
  • Accurate Control of post tension force using calibrated jacks.
  • Efficient stressing, coupling and dead end anchorages.
  • Stressing in one or any numbdsder of stages

Advantages of Post Tensioning

Post Tensioned concrete offers significant performance benefits in tall buildings, particularly in the areas of fire resistance, sound transmission and floor stiffness. Post tensioning the floors and frames of tall concrete buildings minimizes their weight and, combined with the use of high – strength concrete, makes this a realistic design solution.

EPI's competitive advantage in its patented systems offers consultants and clients savings in material costs, construction time and greater spans in concrete. The EPI Design Team can create post tensioned concrete slabs for speculative developments – removing the risk and problems of unforeseen slab uses and loads.