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  • Industrial park launched at Oman2016-02-22

    MUSCAT: Feb. 22: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry to establish some of its services available through Sanad shops located within the Sandan Project. Dr Ali bin Masoud al Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce and Industry, officially launched the Sandan Light Industrial Park. The Sandan team showcased a maquette displaying the plan for the industrial park. Answering Observer’s question the minister said, “This is a very important venture. We have been used to seeing the government provide the industrial estates and today we see a project that has come up on a land that has not been utilised for many years and is now being put into use with the cooperation of directorates concerned such as the Ministry of Housing to change the use of this particular industrial estate. It also has a recreational centre inside it.”

    The minister added: “I think it is very timely to see many people who own large plots in particular in Batinah, where they can change the use of land making it attractive such as these projects especially aimed at SMEs. I think we are used to having land developed for housing. This project is very adventurous and pioneering idea. Hope to see more of these projects all around Oman.” The park project, which will be constructed over 250,000 sq m area about five km from Mabela exit at the Muscat Expressway will also house building materials shops, workshops and residential units for workers.

    Deputy Director-General of Real Estate Development at Ministry of Housing, Saleem Hassan al Balushi said that Sandan is the first project that combines industrial and residential areas. “This area has logistics in the same area. This is a private property. In the future we are studying to provide land for developers,” Al Balushi said. The Ministry of Housing is setting the regulations for the Industrial Park. “They will have special accounts for the project and we will provide the management in handling this account,” added Al Balushi. Nasser al Rashdi, CEO of Sandan Development, said that the project is 100 per cent Omani and has been planned for two years to be an integrated project with the latest global standards.